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When the generic Viagra will be available


Viagra is not just a medicine. It is proved to be an effective medicine. It is an effective way of treating sexual disorder. It has the power of making you active in bed. Sex is the way to make your mood happy. Many people prefer having sex before going out to work. They belief it’s the way of being in a happy mood all day. But if you are missing this excitement in your life due to immense work pressure. Then Viagra is the real thing for you. But a common question that is asked by people nowadays is when Viagra will be available?
Introduction to generic Viagra:
There is something waiting for those people. Who are eagerly waiting for Viagra to be available? Pzifer the US company who developed Viagra. The company is joining hands with Teva pharmatuetical to launch the product. Teva will be paying some amount of money to Pzifer. They have to pay the money to acquire the license of the Viagra. Viagra has not only been effective but also an immense success among the people over the years. The product has brought in huge profits for the company.
Release of generic Viagra:
The generic Viagra will be made by the teva pharmaceuticals. But men are waiting to get the date of its release. The pzifer acquired patent will be expiring in 2020. Teva pharmaceuticals have got the permission to release the product in the market. The release date of generic Viagra is said as December 11, 2017.
Where to buy Viagra at a cheap rate:
Well the price of the Viagra is high. On the other hand men find ways to get intimate with their partners two to three days in a week. So buying Viagra for so many days can be expensive. But a human body does not know its limitations. You are bound to get an erection while you are sitting beside your partner in bed after a long day with hard work. So a solution should be found to buy Viagra in cheap. Buying Viagra online can be cheap. You need to have a prescription before visiting an online licensed pharmaceuticals store. They will offer you discounts. But beware of the fake online stores.

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Why Viagra should not be used with other medicines especially nitrates:
Viagra should not be used with some medicines. If used it can be harmful and can cause serious health problems.
If you are getting treated with chest pain or problems related to heart and consuming nitrates such as. Nitroglycerin, isosorbide dinitrate, isosorbide mononitrate. It can cause sudden decrease in blood pressure and can also lead to heart attack.
To should always report to your doctor if you have allergy for sildenafil. Inform your doctor if you are having any herbal related medicines.
If you are alpha blockers don’t use Viagra. It can cause an abnormal change in the blood pressure.
Why you should visit doctor before using Viagra:
Before using Viagra always visit the doctor to know whether you are active enough to have sex. Viagra does not hold erection until you are aroused. It is obvious that an older person will not be active as a teenager. It is applicable to report your doctor if you are having chest pain, dizziness, nausea at the time of sex.
What side effects Viagra can have?
There is no doubt that Viagra is the most effective medicine to treat erectile dysfunction. But you should also be aware of the side effects of the product.
Priapism is a disease that can be seen as a side effect. The penis does not come back to normal state after erection. If there is an erection exceeds more than 4 hours you should inform the doctor.
The loss of vision on one eye or both the eyes can occur.
What you should inform your doctor:
Informing your doctor is necessary if you have a stroke or pulmonary hypertension.
Or if your penis has deformed shape you should immediately visit your doctor.